32 thoughts on “Echostar Buys SlingMedia For $380 Million”

  1. Nice sale. Congratulations to the founders and investors.

    Any wagers as to whether the final sale value of TiVo [or its assets] will be over or under that $380 million?

    Current TiVo market cap is ~$600 million.

    I’ll take the under.

  2. I remember reading the reviews for the first generation SlingBox and how awful they were. The newer boxes weren’t that inspiring and I really wondered how many boxes they sold.

    Also, I’ve used http://www.orb.com in the past with my Windows XP Media Center and that seemed to work just as well, without having to buy hardware and it was free.

  3. Folks who hang out w/TV and HDTV geeks already know how the popularity of Slingbox has been growing. Since they wangled their way into the Big Box stores, it was only a matter of time before they were gobbled up. Latest generations function flawlessly.

    And the GigaOmTV interview was great. Om is ahead of the pack as usual.

  4. pretty interesting news since Sling is providing the backend for Directv’s NFL Ticket broadband service this year. If anything I would have expected Directv to make the deal.

  5. Kinda funny that Liberty and Echostar both invested in Sling, Liberty went on to buy Echostar’s competitor (DirecTV) and Echostar bought Sling.

  6. Hey, i worked with the slingbox a year ago before my startup got bought by tandberg, then Ericcsoon…its a nice tool and very handy indeed…but yeah, i had expected direcTv to buy it rather than Echostar!

  7. I just hope our friends at Echostar can unlock the full potential of SlingMedia. This acquisition has the potential to create a beautiful offering for consumers.

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