29 thoughts on “Microsoft Wants A Piece Of Facebook?”

  1. This might be a good moment for people to consider what that inventory is really worth. Unless MSFT has some novel way to get the CPMs to something reasonble, that’s an awful lot to pay for an insurance policy against further Google dominance.

  2. Microsoft already has an invesment in a social networking website. Does anybody remember Wallop? I guess if the one you invest in doesn’t do well, you can buy your way into one that is successful. That’s the great thing about free cash flow.

  3. Bryan

    I am told Wallop is getting big in China, though doesn’t have much traction locally. Anyway i think this is going to be an interesting quarter and would love to watch Google’ response.

  4. Could you explain what you mean by:

    “If the Z-meister takes the cash, then in a sense he is getting a put option from Microsoft, which prevents Facebook from embracing anyone else”

    How is Facebook getting a put option from Microsoft, and how does it prevent them from embracing anyone else?

  5. Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo! are fighting for it all these days. Microsoft and Yahoo! will do anything they think will allow them to catch up with Google. A WSJ article this morning even said that Microsoft is using its backroom connections to get ad firms, Time Warner, and AT&T to not support the Google-Doubleclick deal. I found the maps on NewsVisual http://www.newsvisual.com/newsvisual/2007/09/microsoft-ties-.html that show the connections Microsoft may have used to pressure Time Warner and AT&T.

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  7. I think you mean “call option”…

    Nevertheless, the strength of any first refusal right will depend on the terms of the investment agreement and may not prevent Facebook from acting independently. Yahoo, after all, had an investment in Google that didn’t prevent Google from going public.

  8. Microsoft is really trying to get back into the game, and if anyone could do this, its the giant himself..I’d be inclined to dismiss this as a rumour right now, but who knows!

    btw, OM, my husband is your greatest fan, he reads your blog daily, just never leaves comments:) Kudos for doing a great job here!!

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