17 thoughts on “Brand new CEO, same old messed up Yahoo”

  1. Om, I couldn’t agree with you more. I am baffled by the appointment of Thompson, who doesn’t appear to have any of the qualifications necessary to:

    1. Run an online media company
    2. Make Yahoo relevant again by catching up to the rest of the web
    3. Pull the reigns away from an ineffective yet overconfident board

    This appointment is simply a disaster and I can only attribute it to the likelihood that highly qualified candidates wanted nothing to do with the job, leaving Yahoo with very little choice.


    1. Yep, hard to see many top-tier candidates accepting this poisoned chalice.

      The day of the mega-publisher is over. Perhaps they can merge with AOL and go extinct together.

  2. Perhaps his expertise in *payments* is for later this quarter when they chop it up and sell the parts?

  3. If Alibaba and Softbank buy Yahoo they will need somebody on the US side of the business who can execute the spin offs. Later Ebay can merge with the rest of Yahoo, partially financed by Microsoft.

  4. > Brand new CEO, same old messed up Yahoo

    Yet they still take up a full page of coverage today on sites like techmeme. Just stop talking about them.

  5. Yes, what we need is a simple plan that goes on one sheet of paper. Riiiight. We all know that the real answers to any problem are just a little clear thinking, a simple idea and the guts to go out and make it happen. Hell, Tom Friedman has made his entire career saying this. Every politician that has walked the planet has said this – “just do it!”

    Let’s see, Steve Jobs started with Lisa and 35 years later we had the iPhone. Just do it. One sheet of paper. A clear plan.

    Oh well, reporters always have a story to write and sell telling people this at least. Oh yeah, Kodak is declaring Chapter 11 they say. Guess they could not put 100 years of history, patents, work, struggle, mistakes, and successes on one sheet of paper anymore.

  6. A bit premature to declare it’s the same old messed up yahoo. At least give the dude time to settle into the job and implement some of his ideas.
    If he messes things up then fair enough but it’s far too soon to write him off.

    1. Actually did you read through the post. I said exactly that. I am not going to judge him just yet. The problems of Yahoo have not changed a wee bit – and those are big problems.

  7. About the email product…the only email I get that involves any of yahoo’s email products are spammers who have scarfed up an address to use until it gets reported and shut down.

    Unfortunately, yahoo has made it much harder to report spam using yahoo’s addresses. It used to be that you could just send the email and headers to abuse@yahoo.com and you’d get good service (including feedback). Now they have some web-based form that I haven’t figured out how to use.


    1. Revenue in 2008: $7.21 billion.
      Revenue in 2009: $6.46 billion.
      Revenue in 2010: $6.32 billion.
      Revenue for 2011 (estimated): 4.56 billion.

      That at a time when ad dollars are shifting online. Yup. Not messed up at all.

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