3 thoughts on “Broadband 2005, What a Year for DSL”

  1. There are 66 million cable subscribers in US and 37% have chosen Cable Modems vs at most 19% of Telco homes [110 million] using DSL. The rub will be the constant steady decline of residential access lines by ILEC’s from VOIP and cellular substitution.
    In 2 more years Cable will be at 50% of customers [33 million] whereas ILEC will maybe see 30% DSL penetration.
    Projecting the Leichtman chart ahead 2 years.

    If ILEC only close the gap by 800,000 per year it will take 6 more years to equalize.

  2. in a more years cable will be at customers wheres will maybe see dsl penetration if only close the gay by year it will take more years to equalize

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