5 thoughts on “The Next Net 25”

  1. We spend so much time thinking about consumer web apps that we hardly ever thing about those business apps that have more stringent and structured requirements, but that still lead. Long live business and consumer innovation.

  2. These applications are really the next generation of IM and videoconferencing. Let’s lose the VOIP categorization as it’s not helping the cause as much as hurting it.

  3. i beg to differ… 37signals puts out both great product(s) and great product philosophy. what’s more, they charge for their products and people pay to use them.

    if that’s not a measure of “real value”, i don’t know what is.

    while they may not be pulling down Google-like revenues, i think they’ve done a fine job building a great set of web 2.0 solutions with simple, yet effective design. not everything is perfect, but there’s a lot there to appreciate.

    thumbs up in my book.

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