11 thoughts on “Broadband through Gas, Seriously”

  1. Having worked at a natural gas companyat one point in my life, it was my understanding the alot of the gas lines from the curb to the customer premisis are PVC, I’m guessing its a little tough to send UWB through PVC 😉

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  3. I think the idea is that the pipe would act as a wave guide, so range would be better than you might think. That said, this is the sort of idea that will not come to fruition any time soon despite (maybe) being technically feasible. File it with that old favorite of mine, Cell on Blimp. Oh the fun we had, before the zoning hearings for a new tower, chanting cell on blimp, cell on blimp, back in the day. You had to be there . . .

  4. Jesse,

    thanks for reminding me of cell on a blimp. i was read the biography of craig mccaw and it came up in that. i thought it was a bit of a joke, but not really. people do come up with doozies

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  7. Om, please don’t tell me you’re taking that site seriously. That whole thing has to be a gag. Even the people on the “About Us” page look like they’ve been photoshopped off a royalty-free JPEG CD-ROM.

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  9. I question the quality of gas pipes as waveguides, but except for plastic they’d at least keep the signal isolated. As for installation, there’s a method for adding a tap to a gas line without shutting it down which could probably be adapted for making a feed.

  10. WOW!

    I’ve read all of the comments posted here and I think you guys had better take a better look at this. These guys as of 1/2006 have a working system installed in San Diego, funding from Motorola and are broadcasting TimeWarner, DirectTV and Cox television services simultaneously through a single Sempra gas pipeline. I don’t know where they are going next with this thing but I believe that this technology could actually pose a real threat to cable television.

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