17 thoughts on “BroadSoft Cuts Jobs As Sales Slow”

  1. Both Sylantro and BroadSoft made critical mistakes by not acquiring “last mile” software apps over the past few years. Anyway you cut it, switches has been a dying business over the past few years….and the few apps they developed were weak at best.

    I believe both Sylantro and BroadSoft have raised nearly $100M each. Sadly, the VCs behind these deals continued to throw good money after bad. The fire sale is coming.

    Will be interesting to see what happens to Cedar Point since they are targeting the MSO’s.

  2. I have heard a very wild rumor that BroadSoft was looking at some sort of deal to buy Sylantro. Sources come out of the BroadSoft user group conference last week.

    If BroadSoft was trimming its staff in anticipation of adding another company, then Sylantro would be soon to follow in terms of right-sizing…

  3. It makes total sense for Broadsoft to acquire Sylantro. They have a solid customer base that complements Broadsoft’s Tier 3 plays and their Bangalore Engineering team is very good at what they do despite most of the original talent leaving the company.

    Of course, Sylantro’s weak management and product marketing at HQ will have to go.

  4. If this is any indication that VoIP market has matured, the most logical thing in my mind is to merge BroadSoft, Sylantro and IPUnity (possible get bought by Acme Packet). This probably gives the combined company a “more complete” product portolio rather than struggling to sell application servers, media servers or session border controllers.

    I would also consider BroadSoft or Sylantro aggressively proposing their existing customers that are most probably struggling as well an option to ‘run the service’ for them (white listing the service) at 10% of their current operating cost and a cut in their revenue… I would even consider offering services on their own by hosting their applications on Amazon computing cloud! It would allow these guys to showcase their capabilities and attract more customers rather than running behind losing Service Providers!

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