9 thoughts on “Fiber Broadband Big in Japan & Korea”

  1. “The broadband penetration number is a bit unfair, because many of the OECD countries are small and have much fewer total number of connections in comparison to larger markets and, as a result, achieve higher penetration rates more easily. ”

    This is an odd comment. You don’t achieve higher penetration rates proportional to your population by having a smaller population. There are only so many telecom engineers and so on. Perhaps what you mean is that it’s easier for densely populated countries to achieve a high penetration rate than for sparsely populated countries. That’s true, but then one wonders why you cite Japan and South Korea as being victims of this metric – since both countries are very densely populated. Also, the Nordics are more sparsely populated than the US.

    Thinking about it, I can’t think of any way that metric is “unfair” to the US. Simply put, the US just hasn’t invested as much or as wisely as many other countries in their broadband infrastructure.

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