Iceland, Broadband’s New King

13 thoughts on “Iceland, Broadband’s New King”

  1. How can the OECD say that 17% of US Internet users are on broadband, but Forrester (in the previous story) say that over 50% of households are on broadband?

    Someone seems to be mis-stating the numbers.

  2. Now if only Australia could get up there…but we don’t seem to be doing too badly.

    “The strongest per-capita subscriber growth came from Iceland, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands and Australia. Each country added more than 6 subscribers per 100 inhabitants during 2005.”

    Renai LeMay
    ZDNet Australia

  3. What has the small size of Iceland got to do with it, I wonder. Iceland is about as large/small as The Netherlands, but has only some 250.000 people living there, where The Netherlands have 64 times as many (some 16 million). Iceland has a lot of lava, which makes digging ducts kind of hard, compared to the Dutch sand. Still Iceland per capita has more broadband and more fiber-to-the-home connections then The Netherlands. Apparrently people in Iceland think being a frontrunner is worth the effort. That’s what makes a country different, not the size of it.
    Vincent Dekker in The Netherlands

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