3 thoughts on “Merger Mania Hits VoIP”

  1. · Skype has acquired Sonorit. This is Skype / eBay move in the right direction to complete with Microsoft, Google, AOL and Yahoo, Skype core biz is voice and it cannot afford to depend on the 3rd party license, but must own the core voice technology, like Microsoft does,

    · However Sonorit/Camino is too small (less then 10 people), was formed as a company just several months ago, has no shipping product, has no single customer, so this acquisition does not solve Skype technology hole yet,

    · This acquisition is not to avoid paying royalties to GIPS, this is strategic Skype technology move to compete with Microsoft, Google, AOL and Yahoo, there are several clear less costy ways for Skype to stop paying royalties to GIPS,

    · This acquisition validates again high market prices for software voice technology companies, like Skype itself, GIPS, Camino and SPIRIT DSP

  2. The Genesys/VoiceGenie deal has little to do with VoIP in the same vein that you look at Skype, SunRocket, etc.

    Genesys is a callrouting play in the contact center space and VoiceGenie is a VoiceXML platform for next gen IVR’s. Buying VG gives Genesys a product to compete against Cisco’s Customer Voice Portal (CVP) product. Both of these, as well as GMK, live their entire lives in the comfy confines of a corporate LAN behind a voice gateway and aren’t roaming the wilds of the non-QoS’ed internet.

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