10 thoughts on “BSNL, Indian incumbents plans a WiMAX network”

  1. What a joke! BSNL should fix the terrestrial network and make it usable first. They deliver abysmally low datarates and charge more than anywhere in the world (though less than VSNL and others, but that’s because their quality is much worse).

  2. I agree with Samir. BSNL should aim to provide Uncapped connections at 1mbps first.
    Or at the very least provide better upload speeds! I get an upload speed of 7kBps with Dataone (officially 8kBps).

  3. My sentiments exactly … Improve the backend bandwidth issues and BSNL clearly has some. Wireless is great for coverage …

    And Samir,Pallab: Backend bandwidth is not BSNL alone but every “broadband” provider in India

  4. BSNL, does provides reliable and faster broadband internet conncection, in comparison to all the private players such as Airtel, Tata Indicom and Reliance. I am speaking from personal experience, I have connections from all of them at various places.

  5. Off late BSNL seems to be announcing new plans every day or the other. They know about the current problems with their infrastructure. To tackle that they have plans to invest Rs. 2000 crores to revamp the existing infrastructure. WiMax, Triple play services and what next BSNL?

  6. Of course BSNL will make a lot of noise – There is pressure to split them up into 4 regional units…(the fact that the eastern circle is bleeding is the only thing preventing it). They are trying to show that they are ahead of the pvt operators…On that note, I just noticed that they added 2M net adds in March alone, ahead of no 1 Bharti at 1.7M….

  7. …i beg to differ because inspite of flaws remaining in bsnl services….we cannot ignore that services have improved …more over if bsnl is not there all these private players will form a cartel and we will be just pawns in there hand…

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