33 thoughts on “Future of Intel’s ultramobile PC?”

  1. Every time I see a fore-telling video like this (on unified communications), I scratch my head wondering ‘when all this would be possible, why on earth would these people with god-powers on the fingers would still need spread-sheets, meetings and conf-calls?’

    Really funny. If one can be in such a state (depicted in these vids), what relevance would the apps and norms of today would carry?

  2. that club idea is retarded, actually most of these are pretty impractical unless everyone in the world works on wall street

  3. Well then, I guess that Apple was right to focus on the iPhone, since everyone in that video was using one.

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  5. It all seems like a very nice concept, but it may suffer from farsightedness. Voice recognition is getting better, and maybe every manufacturer everywhere is beginning to discuss a standard to which all devices will comply to ensure compatibility with such devices. I hope that day is soon; although I highly doubt it’ll be next week.

  6. Ugh, this is the silliest thing ever. I feel like the promo is an updated version of dick tracy. COOL, GEE WIZ GIZMOS AND GADGETS RULING OUR LIVES

    When’s everyone going to realize that the ultimate implementation of all this fancy technology is going to be mostly passive, and will not have any type of GUI.

  7. Nice dream, wonder when we’ll wake up to see it came true?

    Not to sound like the luddite tech-hater in the group, I always like new toys, but has anyone else ever noticed how often these tech companies use the “free to be me” direction in their advertising? Isn’t there some thick irony in suggesting I need a computer watch and a computer TV and a computer phone and computer tooth-fillings just to be myself? Do I express myself by my ability to find my car?

    Who are we now, since we don’t have these things? I know, I’m taking it a bit literally, but c’mon, there’s got to be another direction other than convincing me there’s a hole in my life that won’t be filled for 10 to 30 years 🙂

  8. We don’t want that future any more, where we all have to be information warriors constantly in a mad rat race against becoming obsolete ourselves, struggling with an infinite chaos of information that we are bombarded with daily. We are sick and tired of it. We already live in such a world, and it sucks.

    Throw it all away. The future we want, is to be relaxing in a beautiful field with our lover on a warm spring day, without a care in a world, because all our basic needs for food, warmth, and shelter, are taken care off. There is no longer a reason to compete or create outside of play. There is no more of the noose of the office, extending like the hangman’s rope into our personal lives to destroy our solitude or peace of mind.

  9. This reminds me of those AT&T “You will…” commercials. You can see them on YouTube if you do a search for “at&t you will”. A lot of them have come true, though not in exactly the way they predicted.

    When I first saw this, I was quite excited and then when I watched it again, I realized that all these technologies already exist today, but in some other form. It seems to me that this ad is an incremental step from what we already have today. For example, the jogger gets a notification. That’s basically possible from a smart phone, right? Another example is the “TV set” is mirroring the jogger’s “UMPC”, that’s already today available on certain laptops via high-bandwidth wireless.

    It seems that one company hasn’t put this all together into one product yet. May be in about five or ten years, they will…

  10. looks like a fancy toy for big kids… even small kids, as many children now already have their personal cellular phones and computers. as previously written, although we want some free space and privacy in our lives, trying to avoid phone calls,emails or all kinds of information; i think such pretty looking ,colourful little devices just violate our minds with their fancy abilities (most of which still useless for me) to pull us back in to the information storm… always tried to avoid such gadgets and always will:))

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