10 thoughts on “BT Fusion Big Time (BT) Flop?”

  1. I’m sure BT’s research shows that when someone takes all three products they never churn. That’s the dream.

    Unfortunately you can’t run a large telco through the undying loyalty of Sid and Doris Bonkers in Neasden alone. You need volume, not just margin.

    Ask Ryanair. Would people crawl over broken glass butt-naked for BT’s offering? Need I ask?

  2. I think that while everyone is bashing BT on this, it’s still a notable step. Admittedly, it’s a beta trial and even still, experience can be gained from it.

    The key thing is that it’s not a wifi handset but bluetooth that alleviate the issues of having a wi-fi voip phone.

  3. I would have to agree with jrx35. This is certainly a step in the right direction, and can generate new experiences to shape and influence the technology design, development & business models likely to surface as a result of this convergence.

  4. I think what BT is testing right now isn’t even WiFi, but Bluetooth. The WiFi product is the next generation and should be much better.

  5. I’d be curious to know who are these 400 mysterious triallists. I registered my interest on BT’s website but I haven’t heard back from them… is thid for real?

  6. I will be very surprised if this ever really takes off. Skype still offer better value, and calling BT Fusion still costs too much. It is reminisent of 3G, looks much better on paper. A WiFi version may show more potential, though.

  7. I am a BT Customer and I have just been offered 3 monthes free BT Broadband, a free new Fusion ADSL wireless modem, new mobile for 9.45 per month and I have looked at it and conluded I am better off staying with my existing BT Yahoo Modem, looking for the latest best offers for Mble conracts and using Skype and MSN to communicate/talk free on the internet.

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