4 thoughts on “BT’s cool WiFi cellphone”

  1. If they are smart, it will help them in the residential market where they make no money due to free nights and weekends and increasing in-building penetration requires lots of expensive base stations (vs cheap WiFi hubs that come with DSL).

  2. Good point Jesse… i think this whole notion of fixed price plans is more disruptive than people realize and most telecom companies need to realize this truth and basically change their financial structure in accordance

  3. If you took away the Network Operations budget and had them bill Sales and Marketing directly, attitudes would change very quickly. Of course, that really makes far too much sense to ever happen.

  4. Let’s see. SBC owns part of Cingular. They then start a WiFi phone service. Cingular business erodes. This hurts who? SBC or BellSouth more?

    SBC buys BellSouth…

    Set, Game, Match.

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