4 thoughts on “DSL better than cable?”

  1. Quote: 32 percent would do so without hesitation and 59 percent would switch if offered significant savings.

    TIC: Two things we can conclude from this – Verizon has very many customer migrate to Voicewing; almost all of Verizon customers have migrated to Voicewing or VoIP does not offer significant savings. These polls seem to be just as pointless as their brethern in the political arena.

  2. “Nearly 28 percent of consumers expressed the opinion that having shared access to music, movies and photos around the home would make family life or apartment-sharing easier.”

    This has the potential to be huge, but is very challenging. How do you do this in such a way that it is easy to install and use and has the right price point (I’m thinking $500 for the central server + 1 unit for remote playing)? It becomes a lot easier if everyone’s PC has WiFi built in, but how many years until that is a safe assumption?

  3. ONLY polling DSL users is like asking a REGISTERED REPUBLICAN who he will vote for……….geeez , can SOMEBODY do a poll that is a little less BIASED?????????? THIS DSL poll only is like asking ME who the BEST FIBER OPTICS supplier is!


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