27 thoughts on “Building B Builds A God Box For Internet Video”

  1. This is too much.

    Yet another set top box? I thought that was probably the most difficult space to get into today.

    especially with your GigaOMTV episode where Sling said they might get into this space – I’d say TiVo is there too, and how can a new company come in with the same old approach?

    I mean, someone like the TellyTopia – sure, that’s a new angle with little competition. Slightly different space, of course.

    If I got the product for BB right, trying to win against TiVo and Sling (not to mention Moto and Cisco) will be tought for these guys.

  2. Can you say MovieBeam? If Disney, Intel and Cisco can’t pull this off how do these guys think they’re going to do it. They have neither the content or the distribution or the R&D that those companies had…

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