18 thoughts on “Is That the Vudu Magic?”

  1. Price is a problem. I’m not going to pay $300 for the privilege of renting anything. The technology needs to be licensed into an existing box.

  2. “We are rewriting economics” – CEO from the NYT piece.

    I wish they’d leave the ridiculous prognostication to others and just concentrate on selling their box… and they really do need to concentrate on selling it. Like others have said, why spend $300 and add another box to the pile by the tv in order to be able to rent more stuff? And you want the user to pay to download and then use their upload capacity to serve your movies to others…?

    Plus, you can bet that the drm on this will be crippling (like buy it and watch in 24 hours), none of this unlimited subscription holy grail which everyone wants and no one will ever offer…

  3. Companies like Vividas (Iain Molland, CEO) are already delivering live streaming video (Fox) and movies (e.g. Ophrah Winfrey’s movie “The Secret”) to the PC. You can watch a full length movie instantly of placing the order. Vividas requires an ActiveX application.

    With the ability to download without a device, I think it is going to be tough to have another TiVo type device at the customer’s premises. A better approach would be to partner with TiVo and download into TiVo. The market for the device is already developed.

  4. [correction] Oops — Vudu.com is some guy who does some interesting stuff(damn he gets lots of free traffic today from you guys!), but the guys you are talking about are vudulabs.com

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