3 thoughts on “Building the GiG Network”

  1. GigBe and Level3 go together like Skibare and Voip Opportunity–and you WONDER why I think Level3 being the WINNER of GigBe will be the long term winner of the future??????????

    200 Billion over 10 years is alot of coin for somebody…….give me 2% per year of that PIE in the SKY Internet/voip/ip /satellite WAR CHEST and I am home free!


  2. Skibare is the class clown when it comes to VoIP technology. He has no credibility and is a known liar.
    Check out the Yahoo Level 3 Message board for tidbits of his wisdom.
    Its good for a laugh.

  3. If anyone is going to get a major piece of GIGBE is will be a company that already lost part of it once. Corvis was passed over for less expensive Cienna transport. Corvis wanted to go 40 GBS. Everyone else was happy with 10. So Corvis went off and bought Broadwing. Then Focal. Operating now as Broadwing, Corvis has a faster network today, than GiGBE will have when its done.

    Watch Uncle Sam outsource to Broadwing, from day one.

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