3 thoughts on “Cablevision – Its All About Broadband”

  1. “The company says it will increase its spending in 2006 on equipment that will help with broadband upgrades to compete with Verizon FiOS service.”

    Which is exactly why competition is good for consumers…it makes everyone better. I just hope that I’m able to get FiOS here in NJ before I’m a grandfather.

  2. Unfortunately, the company has 13 Billion in Gross [11 B net]debt enhanced from it’s programming experiments and MSG and RF Center. Those 3 million subs have quite a burden to fund.
    Cable [and PCS Cellular] has always been a just make the interest payments business, something old wireline Telco must learn and adopt to compete.

  3. I like what you have to say, peanut. Competition is good, and that’s exactly why we should push for franchise reform. Good luck with New Jersey, keep up the good fight.

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