42 thoughts on “MySpace IM Is Live”

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  2. Hey Om, have you tried the MySpace IM client? It’s very light, clean and elegant. Color me completely shocked, considering that everything else MySpace touches turns to ugliness in a hurry.

  3. MySpace IM isn’t going to have widespread appeal “as is.”

    I understand it’s a beta, but as a long time myspace user (going on 2 years) I know the community of users very well, and what sets them apart and makes them unique.

    The current community isn’t going to gravitate to the IM client because you have to go through your entire friends list and add each one to your list. It’s an extremely taxing situation for most people I’ve spoken with thus far.

    Remember, the vast majority of myspace users aren’t savvy and don’t have a long fuse for this type of stuff, they went to myspace for it’s plug and play abilities, while the client is cleaner in design, it’s functionality is still lacking.

    The upside is that as an AIM user for 10 years now, I haven’t always kept in touch with people’s AIM screenames, however, I have reconnected with nearly 300 friends on Myspace.

    If the interface is a little more user friendly in regards to adding friends to the IM client I think they’ll be in a prime position to have consistent users.


    Ps. One last note, when a message is sent to you it automatically pops up. The myspaceIM client isn’t NEARLY as slick as AIM for workspace and professional environments.

  4. Will H, chill out, its just a beta (second one that they’ve ever released of the client, actually).

    IMO, the reason why it requires the manual adding of the friends list is either 1) They don’t want the users to pin that much of a weight behind the client just yet or not until it is fully released (in the case that they’re sorely disappointed) or 2) because users can already add miscellaneous friends, including promo/ad profiles, and would most likely take this to the IM client (especially if automatic adding was the default on the IM friends list), thus invoking what I mentioned in reason #1.

    It’s the economics of development, something which Myspace has only recently (their server has improved alot within the last 6 months or so, if you’ve noticed) begun to take a grasp at. Yes, the profiles (and the overall UI design) may be ugly as all hell, but I say “more power to them” with the MyspaceIM.

  5. at about 90% of the installation i get an Error 1723. and this is what it says… There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personelle or package vendor.


    please someone help

  6. I get the same thing and yesterday it gave error 1703 and today error 1723 and the builds are different. The first was and the second,

    Maybe today they’ll get it right.

  7. i have it DLed but when i go to log in, it says invalid log in and to check my email/password…what do i do?

  8. i dLed and and so far i love it!
    it makes it so easy to comment and message people, as well as get alerts.
    as for chatting, well…it is a bit harsh when it comes to that…if you even know anyone signed up for it yet, lol.

  9. I just downloaded the IM on myspace and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how my friend could. He’s on a network computer and when he tries it simply says u need to be an administrator. Is there anyway he can work around this. He’s already on myspace it just won’t let him download the IM. I would be very appreciative if anybody could help me with this.


  10. Just out of curiousity, has anyone tried out AIM Phoneline yet?

    In the interest of full disclosure, I’m on one of the dev teams that worked on the product.

  11. When you get the error about the login just do it twice. That works for me >.> But so far i don’t like the messenger. It’s just stupid. Half of the options don’t work. It may be a beta but i still don’t like it too much. It’s ok if MySpace users don’t have Yahoo or anything though. I hope it improves in the next version released

  12. Im having the same problem alot of people are…where you get through about 90% of the download and yet it comes up with the annoying Error 1723!! Can someone help me before I throw my computer out the window? Thanks

  13. If you’re getting this error: “Error 1723. and this is what it says… There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personelle or package vendor.”…Try to download Windows Installer

    Go to http://www.microsoft.com and search for something like this “Windows Installer Windows XP” if you have Windows XP or “Windows Installer Windows 95” if you have Windows 95, then choose the right installer for your system. Then download and install.

    After installing it, Restart your computer, then install MySpace IM again.

  14. I just downloaded Myspace IM and I was trying to put in my email and password to the IM box but I cant type anything. I have tried to delete it and install it again. But I still can type anything in the spaces. PLEASE HELP!

  15. I downloaded MySpace IM but i cannot sign in cause I cannot type the @, no matter how many times / ways I try.
    And it doesn’t have the copy-paste option.
    Help? Please?

  16. every time i go to the im o my space it tell my every time i put my pass work in it say my space im beta is close so if you can please tell me how to fix it please and thats all for now

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  18. i have been unable to sign into myspace IM for a couple of months…it says to check my connection to the internet and i’ve done everything suggested and emailed myspace help several times. they say to be patient that they are working on it…but it could be something with my settings? dunno but is anyone else having this problem or know who to ask?

  19. I have tried several times to download myspace Im, but it says that the installation package cannot be opened, and that I should contact the vendor to verify that it is a valid installation package…can any one please tell me what to do now?

  20. hey, i am trying to install myspaceim but it is moving sooooooo slow …i mean like 2 % and hour?? anyone know why or how to help???

  21. my IM is invaled every time I go on I just got it last week and I never was able to get on yet PPPPPLLLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEE HELP ME I WANT THIS SO BAD I LOVE THIS SIGHT

  22. im curious on how to talk to people on your buddy list in a conference without having to go to myspace im chatroom where there are already people in there i dont want to talk to people that i dont know, is there anyway that you can do this, i know on aim you could but i havent found the way on myspace yet or is that option available


  24. none of my passwords work to my pages on myspace i probly have 5 of them now… i have to always start new ones then after a day or to i cant use them anymore please help me get my screen name and pass word.i evan tried (FORGOT PASSWORD?)IT SAYS IT WILL SEND IT TO MY EMAIL I NEVER GET IT

  25. my myspace im download but it will not let me install it and it is really making me mad i dont no what to do..HELP…PLEASE

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