9 thoughts on “New Protocol To Boost BitTorrent Speeds”

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  2. Say this should be released as soon as next week, Surely this would be mainly with just the official BT client, would still take some time before popular clients like uTorrent, and Azuerus integrate the new protocol into their clients for the users.

  3. Leechers don’t necessarily pull down more data than they put up; a leecher is simply someone on the swarm who has not yet completed his/her download. Depending on the upload capacity of the leecher, he/she may very well upload much more data than what he/she downloads.

    Just to clarify that =)

    But it is true that on average, a low seed/leech ratio will adversely affect swarm performance.

  4. I am an avid torrent user and some thing like this can really help me. The only problem that I face right now is that bandwidth is still very costly in india.

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