23 thoughts on “Can Internet Free Agents Rescue MySpace?”

  1. myspace could execute to become an iTunes store for media of various kind (music, movies, …) it may have Act II

  2. Since none of these guys need the money they’re in it for the glory. But they’re not hungry enough to get it done. Its impossible at this point to do much with MySpace. Its going to fail. That is the way the web works. Its a trendy place. What is next? It’s anyone’s guess but one thing is for sure kids are getting bored of MySpace…

    1. Bijan

      after last four games — i don’t see it. i think the trouble begins at top. the manager isn’t just good enough in my opinion to handle this team.

  3. He’s not going to have the power to run anything. A small company person wouldn’t take this job. Trust me, I’m one of them.

    1. Well you might be right about the fact that no small company person wants to deal with this mess. I bet they are promising him the moon in order to take this job. I know Mike pretty well and have a lot of respect for him. I mean, he is one of the few people I qualify as A-type free agent… in baseball parlance.

      1. People promise the moon to secure talent all the time. Culture, expectations, and management (Murdoch) are barriers to execution though. Can a FIM company execute like an agile start-up? That’s what Myspace needs, but it is unfortunately under pressure to replace Google’s soon-departing ad revenue.

  4. I attended an eMarketing summit in Portland last week. I was amazed at how many of the presenters made remarks like: “who even uses MySpace anymore?”. This and other disparaging remarks lead me to believe that these guys will have to reverse a huge image problem.

    As a baby boomer, I get the impression that MySpace is only for the young and the reckless. That may not be true, but I think that there are millions of others who may be getting the same impression.

    They should stake out a niche and keep hitting the ball to one or two fields. The trouble is that it will be hard for a big company to turn their thinking to landing on a niche.

    A lot of batting practice is probably on the agenda if they want any home runs.

  5. Myspace is too social. Once people started to use it as a dating site, its popularity began to wane. There is much more control over facebook and your interaction with people. Its simpler and much more to the point. The music is a good idea for Myspace, but not just music, multimedia as a whole.

  6. A niche social network will be the future for myspace. Music will remain the big focus and other performing arts can also join as one more revenue generation stream.

    This is no prediction though, just a thought!

    Manish Pahuja

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