8 thoughts on “Brocade Pokes Cisco in the Eye, Switches for IBM”

    1. I bet HP goes on a buying binge soon enough. We outlined a list of companies HP can buy. Why not Brocade to start with 🙂 Riverbed is another one.

  1. How would HP (or any Brocade buyer) deal with the revenue leakage? Brocade
    ‘s three largest customers are HPQ, EMC and IBM…..

  2. It would be interesting to watch how the (innovation in )networking space evolves in next 4-5 years as Cisco is loosing it’s focus… It might even create another startup boom in networking like late 90’s…

  3. the clash was inevitable. it is not the networking cabinet that is the interesting battle, it is touching the business process that is. there is a *huge* services industry build around aligning technology infrastructure (hardware and applications) to optimally support the business process. *that* is the IBM and HP crown jewel, being a trusted consultant to the CIO.

    but things are changing – networks are becoming more important, the flow of information is now just as important as its safe location. business intelligence is dreived from that flow. thus the clash between the traditional enterprise technology stalwarts (IBM, HP. MSFT) and Cisco (as the latter pacman’d its way up the stack) was a long time coming.

    let them al try to battle Cisco when it comes to networking. the *really* interesting battle however will be if Cisco can carve itself a niche touching the business process with its software.

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