30 thoughts on “In Long Island, For $99 a Month, 100 Mbps Broadband Arrives”

  1. I’ll have to see if this (or at least something usable) is available when I am back on the Jersey Shore this summer. Where my families house sits we have been pathetically served by the Telcos. Last summer we had a bit of competition to see whose connection would fail fastest as we walked around the house with phones on T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon. It was bad.

    Sadly, the Verizon DSL connection is abysmal too (hello 15,000 feet!)

  2. This is awesome. This how the broadband companies should compete for us users which in the end everybody’s the winners. Seriously, TWC and Comcast should be out of business for all that “cap” and “metered” craps.

  3. Amazing what real competition will do.

    How do we instill competition where comfortable duopolies exist today? Copper AND coaxial last mile re/unbundling? Ideas?

    I don’t think regulation is the answer…

  4. See when companies are in competition speed get higher and prices lower.

    When there is no competition over charge and then start talking about traffic caps and bandwidth metering I’m looking at you Time Warner and Comcast.

  5. Wow I really feel sorry for internet users in the US.
    I have had 100 mbit up and 100mbit down to my apartment for the last 5 years and I pay $29 a month for that.
    And in Sweden that isn’t something extaordinary. In fact I can get 1 Gbit (up and down) to my apartment for $99 if I like.

  6. I can’t even imagine this in India even for the next 5 years or so. few weeks back Reliance and Tata both launched 3.1MBps service….What a comparison!!

  7. Shame that Cablevision still can’t get into every community where they’d like to grow and offer competition. They still have to deal with local franchise regs, don’t they?

    1. NJ has a statewide cable franchise law, but I believe NY still works on a municipal level.

      However, even in NJ where franchise law allows it, I don’t think Cablevision is likely to overbuild Comcast or TWC.

  8. The 100 mbit/s doesn’t matter. It’s a cable connection and there isn’t a single cable provider which doesn’t use traffic shaping. I already made the choice between 120 mbit/s DOCSIS3 and 20 mbit DSL here and no way I’m getting a heavily traffic shaped cable connection, no matter what the speed is. But I’m sure some people will like it, if only for being able to get 100 mbit at speedtests to show off. Because for some reason the providers never shape those connections ;).

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