5 thoughts on “Can Lone Coders reverse outsourcing trend?”

  1. Our story is quite the opposite. I’m the lone coder located in Venezuela (South America) and our software has gathered enough steam to actually incorporate a company in the US (where the largest market will be for years to come). Go figure.

  2. It’s called Quick Pallet Maker and it’s a packaging design application. Since its start, it has been sold through the internet, which allows you to reach a broad audience inexpensively, independently of where you are sitting. Since it is a corporate software, most of the licenses that are sold are Windows licenses but the Mac version is the only one in its class, so it makes sense to be a monopoly, albeit a small one. You can find more info at http://www.koona.com/qpm

  3. Thanks for the link to the Macintosh Software Business groups site. Looks interesting.

    I’m a Windows developer looking to get into Mac development. Just gotta come up with an idea….. always the hard part.

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