22 thoughts on “Can Motorola's Big Bet on Android Pay Off?”

  1. What’s a little surprising to me is what Motorola will do with the upcoming Symbian. They’re a founding member of the Symbian Foundation, and their execs have been touting it at recent tradeshows. Those could have been before Jha though …

  2. I fail to see how Mortorola has a saving grace in Android. The hype around Android is troublesome as most people dont seem to understand the realities of Android and hear the words open source and think its the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    Is building a social framework around Android going to save the day for Mortorola? So instead of competing on handset functionality and design they are now going to be competing with Apps and all the social players out there.

  3. Motorola is so screwed….relying on an unproven OS. They think a “social networking phone” is going save them? What Fortune 500 executive clamor for it? People in their 20’s all buy Apple…they dont want a Motorola.

    The best part is that they agreed to pay CEO Sanjay Jha $30M even if he fails.

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  4. Either it’s Jha or Ojha, the direction is still wrong. Here, Jha is also not planing to do any thing new than his ancestors. His mantra is also to “Follow!!!!”. It is sad to see a leader like Motorola becoming failure due to its mediocre business managers who don’t have any idea of Tech market.

  5. Motorola Android phones late 2009? Too little, too late. Jha may not be the right guy to fix Motorola Devices. Jha comes from within the device. He is a chipset guy; an operating guy; an engineer. Success in mobile devices requires a rare blend of understanding leading technology, consumer marketing, and production efficiency. The ingredients are what makes iPhone successful and Blackberry too. Steve Jobs has proven many times how to blend technology and marketing and make hits…Mac, iPod, iPhone. Jha has no experience in marketing.

  6. Jha is sharp. He convinced the desperate, gullible, and incompetent Motorola board of directors to guarantee him a multi million dollar paycheck, even he if can’t fix Motorola Devices. He walks off with $30 million in October 2010…no questions asked. The Jha compensation deal is another example of failed American corporate governance that is ruining great American corporations. The Motorola board has presided over a string of incompetent CEOs and executives. The last Motorola CEO who knew what he was doing was George Fisher. Since Fisher, there has been a string of incompetent executives. Tooker – dull, uninspiring and a stopgap to groom the anointed prince; Chris Galvin – the tragic prince thrust into a job for which he was not cut out to do; Ed Zander -the carpet bagger; Brown – the computer illiterate; and now Jha – a $30 million no worries paycheck guy. What makes it so tragic is that Motorola operates in an industry they helped invent – mobile telephones; an industry that has grown at phenomenal rates for the past twenty years and created billions and billions of profits. Every Motorola board director should resign.

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