4 thoughts on “JDS Uniphase CEO Quits”

  1. I used to work at JDS Uniphase back between 2000 and 2002. I was a manufacturing engineer in the DWDM segment, and was part of the massive cash-cow that vaulted JDS all the way up the charts. It’s hard to believe at this point, but the stock hit around $152 per share if I remember correctly back then. Shortly afterwards JDS had the largest corporate write-off in history involving all the goodwill from the companies they acquired. Hard to imagine it’s at $6 nowadays. Last I heard they leased out a big part of the massive 800,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Nepean to the local RCMP.

  2. @Duane

    thanks for the post. man those were the days as they say. i remember the press parties thrown by JDS…. now it is nothing but a shell of its formal self. Apparently they are in further-cutting mode now.

  3. Back in the day they used to own two boxes (36 seats) in the Corel Center. We’d often get treated to free NHL games, including beer and pizza. Part of the recruitment process for new grads involved taking them to a hockey game. Those were the days indeed!

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