6 thoughts on “Can PlayStation Home save PS3?”

  1. Om – yesterday you suggested Sony were on top of the ‘social games’ movement. And today you ask us, ‘can Playstation Home save the PS3?’. If there’s one thing the PS3 needs saving from, it’s the growing number of Xbox Live users.

  2. Agreed, with N.Cauldwell it amazes, me how much people are going around bashing the Ps3 and Sony. And often it’s from users who bought the 360 who are doing the complaining. Why? Because they wasted money on a piece of junk.

    The Ps3 social network is going to be huge, and we all know it. They will pay for it with advertising.. and thats obvious. They might make more money per person, from HOME than, what the 360 does, with the 5 dollar gold membership.

    Not to mention, this will great a loyal fallowing.. one thing I know is that MMOs are addictive.. and having a FREE one, isn’t a bad thing.

  3. Home will go a long way to spreading the PS3 gospel and getting friends of friends to buy machines for social interaction (as a bonus service). What else does SOny have up its sleeves for this powerhouse (yet to be realised) console?

  4. wall i say ps3 is 1 of the best console and thay will be geting more byer when prices lown down but home that look good and i think ps3 will win even tho we have better graphic online and more then any othere consoles.

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