20 thoughts on “Yahoo, AT&T alliance on the rocks?”

  1. Good article.

    And Yahoo! holds the today’s IM consumers who will be tomorrow’s phone customers.

    In other words, Yahoo! is the next handset software and their IM customers will go with it.

  2. Well, today we finished our major report on the role of the Telcos in the emerging Online Advertising industry, and the interplay between the Telcos and the GYM club will be one of the great games over the next few years, we predict.

  3. Imagine the irony of AOL ending up with AT&T.

    • aol was at the forefront of net neutrality when they raised a stink about @Home’s access to the HFC plant of the MSOs of which AT&T purchased TCI. Imagine in 1996 telling Michael Armstrong, Leo Hindrey, John Malone they all will be one in ten years!
  4. I was a AT&T customer, donno what to say…within one year I have called them 7 times to disconnect my service, I called them more than 10 times for one billing issue, each time I got different answers, customer service do not follow any standards…I was tired really…I am waiting to see, Which one lucky to have partner with them

    Kind rgrds

  5. OM, BT will severe links with Yahoo soon once they have worked out their own web strategy.

    Right now the BT Yahoo deal is all in favour Yahoo. The site is a members only portal with customers all signing up to Yahoo services. BT just provides the plumbing and makes a few pennies on the DSL.

    I suspect this is the start of incumbent Telco’s trying to flex their muscles. It reminds me of the fight going on in the mobile space between operators, content providers and handset manufacturers, everyone wants to be the driver.

  6. AT&T has no content. All Yahoo! has to do is flip AT&T the finger and we will all watch AT&T come crawling back. Don’t forget, this AT&T is the same AT&T that puts the NSA right into your home. The same AT&T that is losing landline customers by the 10’s of thousands a month.

  7. I love Yahoo e-mail and have had it for years. When I went to AT&T for dsl I use those e-mail addresses for spam centers and my own Yahoo e-mail for my real stuff. If AT&T drops Yahoo, I will use AT&T for my connection and Yahoo for my real work just like I always have.

  8. i remember in the 1970,s in the tv news yahoo was under fire somthing about it starting as a renagade isp. have you ever ben to a yahoo chat room.. users old favorit trick is the ytunnel.. with hacking glore..
    i rember other things about yahoo to. i have good reason to not trust yahoo

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