4 thoughts on “Yahoo's Telco Gravy Train Coming to a Halt?”

  1. Maybe now Yahoo will actually do something interesting in the voice space and not be so bent over by the telcos!

  2. Nice to see that my fellow Canucks were the first to smack yahoo around. But the smaller player line, ouch. Maybe the smallest and smartest player. FYI MSN is hooked up with Bell the other big Telco in Canada.

  3. this post makes perfect sense, because it has no mention about the expansion of the agreement to mobile. if the pie gets bigger, it’s no longer a zero-sum, is it? the distribution of Yahoo! Go and On Search will be the key as they go into 2011, as yahoo! gets ahead once again of the GPhone play. yahoo would probably do this exact deal very gladly with every mobile+broadband carrier out there.

    now Om – since your are in the know, any take on how big or small the mobile portion of the deal could be?

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