6 thoughts on “Yahoo deals Verizon DSL”

  1. That would make sense, if the BOCs actually took advantage of the TA 96 Act and crossed over and agressively sold services each others market.

    But they have not and truth be told, is as pure a redline play as you can get in a multiple monopolies controling pricing in each respective market.

  2. Marriage of convenience for now… What happens when Yahoo! ramps up their voice offer? What will verizon and SBC say about their relationship with Yahoo then?

  3. Don’t know if this is the right format for my comment, but who knows what about the selection of Yahoo for email? When installing Verizon DSL, I was given the choice of two email accounts to sign of up for (the third choice was “I will decide later”). How I wish I had made the last selection. I am now stuck with the Yahoo package for the original 90 days (I was told I would have to use it) to another 90 days before I can notify Billing to cancel it. None of this info was on the installation disk or in the resource booklet. I don’t like it but am stuck, although today, I was able to make use of Outlook Express to receive my mail, but it still goes through Yahoo for another 90 days! Anybody out there as mad as I am?

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