8 thoughts on “Google WiFi, Take Two”

  1. Well done Om. I think you deserve full credit for that story and this analysis of The Times story…. Its becoming obvious that Google is going to be coming out with something big (and surprising) in the next year or so…. I would bet my money on the lines you are thinking though (not the space elevator!!)

  2. Could this be the first big step by Google towards a web-based OS? This might be a long shot but here is my reasoning…

    One of the major hurdles for web-based OSes is the QoS. If a company can gaurantee a particular level of QoS I do not see why web-based OS is not feasible. With Google being the ISP they can easily gaurantee this (assuming that in the next 4-5 years wireless technology can provide a reliable QoS model).

  3. I think the implications here might be way bigger than we’re thinking.

    Looking way into the future it’s not inconceivable that we could all be connected to one another using Google Apps, on a Google Device, over a Google wireless network. That sounds a bit like Teilhard de Chardin’s Noosphere.

    From news.bbc.co.uk: “We are going to try to be the first in the world to connect everyone to everyone”
    Georges Harik, Google

    When Google buys a brain implant business it will get really interesting.

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