4 thoughts on “Yahoo, Saved by the Bell”

  1. I truly wonder if there has been a big amount of cash involved, in the end both parties are far from sure what it will bring to both. Having said that, Yahoo holds the lead in this dance like you pointed out.

  2. Meanwhile, Comcast just went ahead and made their own version of Yahoo! with comcast.net. I’ve had my browser start page set to Yahoo! for years, but there are actually some compelling reasons to switch to Comcast on at least my work PC. While it makes sense for T to have the functionality of Yahoo!, Comcast has proved that it is easy enough to build it yourself rather than squeeze yet another acquisition into a company that has already tripled in size in the last two years (SBC+AT&T+Bellsouth).

  3. Om

    The Telcos own the gold plated consumer identity – the billable address. Yahoo (and Google) own N Mickey Mouses, Y Donald Ducks and Z Anne Onymuss’s. Yes they know what these ID’s do, but they don’t (yet) know who you are.

    This matters as Social Media becomes more and more gamed, and more and more facilities are driven off it.

    Who can drive the Identity & Trust features required – The Portal or the Telco that bills you?

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