4 thoughts on “Cell Phones Might Become Unusable”

  1. Yes but i work in a the same industry, and I dont know what is the ‘good’ way forward if u want to have all those new gizmo things…the video calls, PoCs, VoIP, WLAN etc….its going to be complex.

    The way out can be that the users should always have option of phone with their desired level of feature-complexity.

    Somehow, the vendors have come to the conclusion that there is big business in the new complex domain only…so no enough is done to develope the simple side of things

  2. Cell phone feature creep is becoming an increasingly real problem for users. Consider the features that have been added and compare them to the problems common to most cell phone users that still exist. Did adding cameras help users back-up and share their contacts? Not even close.

    Cell phones are communication devices and the more makers forget this fact, the greater the opportunity space will grow for competitors to come in and solve the user’s true problems.

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