10 thoughts on “Revenge of BitTorrent”

  1. I don’t understand what the problem is. The torrents aren’t the actual content, are they? So how are they able to shut down all the torrent search sites? Why doesn’t torrent search migrate off-shore or on to Usenet?

    I went searching for some tv programs last night and had absolutely no luck whatsoever.

  2. Are kidding? I type a tv show name and the word torrent and get more valid links then I know what do with…. The MPAA effort is laughable though they have manged to force down a few of the larger sites. The problem that there is very little ability to retaliate against an army of lawyers, the fact that he Courts are allowing themselves to be abused in this way is a sad long term problem.

  3. I haven’t found this season’s The Bachelor on any torrent sites. Must not appeal to those who like to capture, encode, and upload. My wife is pissed at the entire community.

    I say let them suffer for awhile, then I’ll take it back on.

  4. check out torrentspy.com, they have a couple of episodes. My girlfreind is quite pissed at the whole community as well, which can seem to find the time to encode Joan of Arcadia…… uhg…..
    if you can find the episode from April 26th, email me.

  5. i will take joan of arcadia anytime over the bachelor/bachelorette reality crap…

    reality tv should burn in hell for it is killing scripted tv..
    we get enough reality from our daily lives anyway.

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