6 thoughts on “Chip Tussles for iPod”

  1. 3D graphics? Does that imply the evolution of the iPod into a gaming platform? Seems like a logical progression. Maybe eve more so than evolution into a cell phone.

  2. It’s not clear yet, that Nvidia won the game. Plus, i can’t really think a 3D enabled iPod. It would consume way too much energy using a bigger screen for all these 3D to make sense.

  3. After reading that post on Steam, this could be a great opportunity for apple to allow gaming on their video ipods.
    They could make a killing selling downloadable games on iTunes.

  4. So far, just about every analyst out there has been wrong on their guesses for the iPod. No one saw Samsung and flash integration coming. My guess is no one will see what is coming this time either.

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