16 thoughts on “Introducing Wagner James Au”

  1. Glad to have you James. This will add such an interesting dimension to GigaOm. Keep up the good work Om, I have faith in you. And for the record, I like Low Ping Bastard as well.

  2. Low Ping Bastard… hm.. the word “Ping” makes my skin crawl. but i guess i could get over it (seriously; probly the best name for something like this i’ve heard all year).

  3. A very good acquisition OM. Hamlet, I mean Wagner James is a great guy and I love “Low Ping Bastard”! I had the pleasure of meeting him for drinks awhile back and we spoke quite a bit on these topics and Hamlet is a fountain of knowledge. I look forward to reading more from him.


    Thought Plasma

  4. LPB.. what an awesome reminder of the good ole’ days of Quake when that term was first used (at least from what I recall). Back then the poor dial-up users were called HPBs or POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) and had average ping times to servers in the upwards of 200ms (compared with LPBs in the 50-70ms range). Use LPB.. its a good reflection of how long Wagner has been into the gaming scene 🙂

  5. OM-

    sori 2 ping u here but ur “contact me” seems to be gone. anyways just wondering if the new”myspace” flash 9 upgrade is really a “security” issue or a 2nd attempt to kill youtube because they’re now blocking it with the upgrade! any flash apps with external links are impacted including slide fo things like leaving slide show comments

  6. Thanks for the welcome, all!

    How about it, Om? I’m seeing several votes for Low Ping Bastard. Other advantage is, when readers disagree with me (and they will), they’ve got an off-the-shelf insult.

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