5 thoughts on “Skype, All Talk, Just Not Facts”

  1. One more stat is that the average user talked for 62 minutes (7.1 billion minutes divided by 113 million users) during the quarter, or about 20 minutes a month.

    I don’t know anything about voice companies; is that good or bad?

  2. On our pc2pc voip service we see 19 mins/month/user.
    On our outbound only pc2pstn service we see 55 mins/month/user.
    On our 1st line replacement voip service we see 346 mins/month/user.

    Funny, the more people pay the more they talk. But I think really you can’t trust the pc2pc numbers because how do you even say which customers are active, are they active if they turn on their softphone once a month? or for 5 straight days? or are they active if they are online for 15 days a month?

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