13 thoughts on “Cingular 3G Almost Arrives”

  1. i read the press release, and its not clear if its hsdpa. i think it is confusing in the way they write the higher speeds in 2006. i tried calling them and well waiting for a phone call back from them.

  2. Om, have you had the chance to review Sprint’s Powervision service? I believe it starts at $15/month for new sign-ups (might be cheaper if you have had the older Vision service for a while). From other reviews I’ve read average speeds are around 700Kbps, and you can even use your phone as a modem for your laptop. I had the chance to check out the Samsung A940 at the store, and while pages loaded quite fast on the WAP browser, latency was still an issue when compared to regular broadband, I wonder if the same problem exists if the device is used as a modem.

  3. This is part of what I received when I asked a rep at Cingular:

    Fri 1/6/2006 2:51 PM
    “Had I known you used our service in NYC I would have told you upfront the NYC metro will launch this year. I do know the month, but I can’t disclose this now due to proprietary reasons. In the meantime, when I can provide with a launch date I will.”

  4. So those paying Cingular the same monthly fee as Verizon & Sprint are getting 5x slower service until Cingular is ready to launch in NYC?..Which could be at the end of 2006??

    What a rip-off, at least charge less for EDGE being Cingular customers(in the blacklisted areas)might jump ship waiting for an answer.

    Good cause to dump the current Laptop Connect contract.

  5. We bought the cingular cards and service for my son in dc and my daughter in San Diego, both areas supposedly with 3g service. My daughter has had great service in San Diego but my son was unable to get a consistent 3g signal in DC where he was supposed to be able to get it. His signal varied from Edge to 3g to mostly non-existent in the heart of DC. We are going to return my son’s air card-numerous calls to Cingular have not been helpful.

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