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  1. buy a ford diesel and be prepared to get your wallet out. i have had two ford diesels and the same thing has happened to both. my present truck is a 2003 f250, i was real happy with the performance & fuel mileage until the computer had a problem and had to be reprogramed. when it went to the dealer i was getting 18.4 mpg , and going up every other fillup. when i picked the truck up it was getting 15.1 mpg and has not changed. i have ask to speak to a ford service rep, called ford motor company, talked to the dealers and no one will talk to me or give me an answer. all i have ask is why a dealer can not put the factorty settings back in your vehicle? i had a 1999 f250 diesel before i bought the 2003 and the same thing happened to the 99. because it happened to 2 trucks in a row i am convinced you do not get the factory settings back in your vehicle when a dealer works on it and this is just lost money out of your pocket every week. i have been to several dealers so this is not a single dealer problem. why won’t ford take a minute to give me an answer?

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