5 thoughts on “Cisco Brazil Scandal: Official Statement and Relevant Facts”

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  2. There seems to be a major damage control effort by Cisco underway. Two days after the raid, the repercussion in the major newspapers and sites in the US is almost none. Almost nothing in the NY Times, Washington Post, CNN… As Zoli commented above, this was a major raid after a long investigation, and involves a sophisticated scheme to evade taxes. To see what I mean, just google the name “Pedro Ripper” – you’ll find links to Cisco sites (bio and stuff). Click on any of them, or search on http://www.cisco.com, and you’ll find that every reference to Ripper is gone. Reminds me of the movie “Eraser”…
    Meanwhile, the company says that they’re “trying to establish what exactly has happened in Brazil”, and that they have no direct sales operation in Brazil. Well, I believe that’s exactly the point: they were using other companies to do the dirty work…
    I’m appalled at how much power such a company has over the media. Free press? sure…

  3. Om,

    Is it true that John Chambers and Rick Justice are among the five US based Cisco execs the Brazilian government are seeking to extradite?


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