9 thoughts on “BitTorrent Finally Has A New CEO, CTO”

  1. Congratulations to the BitTorrent team & Doug!

    He did a great job running sales of 3D technology to Entertainment and Product Design industries.

  2. Wow…that was a bit harsh. “Long been looking…”, “not-so-successful…”, “trying to embed…”, “a bit directionless…”, “wonder if they can make money…”

    Fortunately for BitTorrent, the vast majority of other coverage has been quite positive…unlike this sour article.

  3. Klinker has been at BitTorrent for 7 months.

    Making money is a pretty fair comment. They are shifting to a market dominated by CDN players who are experiencing prices crunches as is. Yes their DNA solution can compliment AKAM, LLNW, etc but they are still competing for the same budget dollars.

    Don’t know Walker but sounds like he might have the right business sense to compliment BitTorrent’s strength – their technology

  4. Bitter

    do you work for BitTorrent? It seems like you do… because otherwise you would have used your real name.

    Secondly, the BitTorrent store doesn’t seem to be doing too well. A lot of attention was devoted to that effort, not much came out of it.

    How much money has the company blown through so far?

    This is a good move they (I mean you guys) made and deserve credit for it. Making money? that still remains to be seen!

  5. None of the people posting have used their names (other than the hack author of the article). So, since that person called you bitter, he must work for BitTorrent?

    Brilliant powers of deduction. Your follow-up comments are more of a joke than your article.

    Well done!

  6. the enterprise direction of BT is not new at all.. they are hiring a team that has enterprise chops but the direction of P2P CDN is now old news. the company identified the strategy and is executing, i heard ashwin speak about it quite convincingly at the streaming media conference a few months ago

  7. BitTorrent DNA is Delivery Network Accelerator NOT Delivery Network Architecture. Is it too hard to get the name right?

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