10 thoughts on “Mac OS X Leopard: Your Favorite Feature Poll”

  1. You left one of most important features out: screen sharing via iChat. This will be the new killer feature for providing remote technical support for users on the road, family and friends.

    iChat will be a killer app in Leopard.

  2. I can’t wait for Leopard! I also can’t wait for Apple to open the iPhone & iPod Touch to 3rd party developers. That way I don’t have to switch to AT&T. I can have all the benefits of an iPhone on an iPod Touch (including Notes and Mail). Best of both worlds!

  3. I think the “Back to my Mac” should be on that list too. The ability to access work computers from home and vice versa is fantastic.

    I was very skeptical about Leopard. Maybe there was too much hype around the secret features. Maybe it’s the glossy dock and menu bar which made me think “Vista.”

    But the more I learn about Leopard, the more I see that this is going to be a serious upgrade. Sure, not “300 innovations” but there are enough improvements to make this the best OS X yet.

    I was unimpressed by 10.4, and even now I still think it was the buggiest release since 10.0.0. But if I look at 10.3, it seems like it is from the dark agaes.

    So, I am surprised to say I am excited for Leopard. I just hope and pray Leopard doesn’t come with the terrible quality problems Apple has been having of late (Every bloody product has had problems of late…sigh..)

  4. Joshua Martens, I agree with you! The one reason I was so excited about the iPod Touch was because I could get the “iPhone without the phone.” I was disappointed to find that the Ipod Touch lacks Mail as well as some other important apps, but now with the announcement of the SDK, maybe we’ll get a Mail like app!

  5. I’m in the “iChat screen sharing” camp. It will be nice to no longer need to wrestle with VNC clients and servers to help my mom with her Mac on the other side of the country.

  6. I’m digging spaces and stacks. I’ve launched a site called Mac OS X Leopard Voting Center so everyone can vote for the favorite features and comment on what they love about Leopard. The entire list of 300+ features have been categorized on the site and it’s easy to vote. I’ve already marked my favorites.

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