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  1. yes that is true… interestingly someone was talking to me about dynamicsoft two days ago – social situation – so did not take notes but had interesting things to say about how they were going to use it etc. anyway let me see if i can get permission to blog that

  2. The Linksys use of the Sipura embedded technology in the router is evidence of the beginning of the evaporation of the ATA business.

    The Linksys PAP-2 is a reboxed Sipura ATA – still maintains the ATA form factor.

    In 2000, Cisco bought Komodo for $175M. The Komodo ATA became the Cisco ATA-186 — the first ATA used by Vonage, for example. Probably the first 75,000 Vonage lines went on the ATA-186 — though that is just a guess.

    The Komodo talent left Cisco and formed Sipura.

    Welcome back to Cisco!

  3. Didn’t the same guys that sold Cisco the old ATA-186 business a couple of years back go on to start up Sipura?

  4. After working this hard and getting all this money what do the consumers get at the end? A standard POTS phone and the associated crummy user interface. I am still waiting for the arrival of “Steve Jobs” and the “iPod” – the real ones and not the recently anointed ones.

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