17 thoughts on “Cisco CTO Being Considered for U.S. CTO Gig”

  1. Come on….a former Motorola exec for such an important position. Not the best idea in my opinion, unless we (as a country) are interested in a failed product renewal model and making enormous bets on network technologies with uncertain commercial futures.

  2. you are SO wrong, she is a STAR and i was raving about her last year when this topic came up on some other blogs, and i was always the *only* person mentioning her name, and i am not sure why…

    read a bit more about her, she has unique perspective, tech cred, political savvy, operational chops and could clearly bring rigor to the chaos that is government ‘technology interest’

    ….of course, it’s quite difficult to imagine the fit without understanding what kind of influencer this role is to become…or what the point of such a role is beyond catering to something more abstract and conceptual like, “we uses lots of computers in the world, we need a super cto”

    my first pick, and i’m absolutely not kidding, would be bill gates.

    1. I don’t know the basis of your statement , seems you have some personal inclination towards her.
      She is one of the Biggest reasons for Motorola’s failure.
      All she did in Motorola was building her enormous empire, which ultimately failed miserably & took the company down with it.
      She didn’t achieve the goals any of the much touted projects / technologies she yapped about as the CTO of motorola

      She’s extremely smart no doubt, but all this lady did at motorola is Yapp, playcorporate politics.

  3. I agree on the Bill Gates choice…also, kind of surprisingly. Like him or not, he is a visionary who is able to get things done. He probably could use something to focus on these days. His foundation is run by his father, so…

  4. We now know warrior’s educational background which seems highly technical.
    Does any one have clue of Kundra’s background? i wanted to compare viz-a viz.
    One is Cisco CTO and other is Government CTO said to have brought a change by using free tools like twitter and stuff for government purpose. if twitter goes belly up, what happens? no one really knows.

  5. Om,

    I think she could do a pretty good job – the critics that cite Motorola fail to address their radio networks & equipment division, which is very healthy. I seriously don’t know why they ever went into mobile phones, and never understood the huge gap in quality between the products from both divisions. Their mobile phones IMHO have always sucked, some had nice hardware designs like the RAZR, but the software and usability were terrible. Their radios in contrast are generally considered as the best money can buy (I can personally attest to that, using them in my volunteer fire dept. without a glitch).

    When saying she is not fit for the job, critics should also take into account her current work at Cisco, which is also doing well – at the very least, without knowing first-hand her performance, I wouldn’t put her past the job.

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