14 thoughts on “Statshot: More Than 10 Million Wiis Sold in 2008”

  1. Now if Nintendo and Apple could just find a way to work together, instead of acting like the bitter rivals they’ve become………hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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  3. I like the wii because the games get such good reviews despite the fact that the graphics aren’t as “realistic” or high tech. The fact that it engages players to play the game is deserving of being a top seller.

  4. Ive said for a few years that the Wii is actually a cloud computing device and I think Nintendo is becomeing very aware of this , I think the next big thing for the Wii will be streaming video services and one streaming video service is going to launch this month on January 27th from Japanese developer Fujisoft.


    Nintendo is also going to launch a video channel that will have original content including cooking and lifestyle shows which is scarily in line with its Touch Generations video game content .

    Nintendo was smart not to include DVD playback with the Wii when they can partner with content aggregators and advertisers and get a cut of Ad revenue .

  5. YA-Wii-Fan

    Just look at the the Nintendo DSi and the iPod TouchiPhone and thier respective Ad campains

    The iPod Touch is trying to be more like the DSi with its games and the DSi is trying to be more like iTouch with music playback and cameras .

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