5 thoughts on “So Much For A Microsoft-Cisco Peace Accord”

  1. How is this surprising to anyone? Since when has Microsoft ever played nice with anyone? You don’t get a monopoly on desktops into perpetuity by playing nice.

  2. Comeon Om, both the CEOs I think were fairly explicit that they will compete just as aggressively as before — Steve saying Cisco will be a respectable competitor and Chambers making an equivalent, if not more aggressive, remark — then why do you have to spin it out this way? Sensationalism?

    Yes each of them has a right to trumpet their product to the extent of demeaning and downplaying the other brutally, but tell the world when they make it incompatible-ly so. If you go read their PRs, their stmts, they were explicit that they are coming together only because enterprise customers wanted them to work together. Sheesh!

    Sad to see you bank on sensationalist (untrue) blogs! Tsk Tsk Tsk!

  3. I agree with “shmoe”. The pact is only for interoperability. This is to take on the open source solutions like asterisk which by virtue of being open, are more flexible****
    By allowing interoperability more units of both cisco and msft products will be sold. This does not mean that cisco and msft will not compete with each other.

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