8 thoughts on “Vodafone Double Crossed In India?”

  1. this was a huge deal in India when I visited in Dec, every day you would get headline news about the Vodafone/Hutch deal. I expect some Vodafone fallout from this news longterm

  2. Well, its the madness that TRAI – the telecom authority of India is responsible for

    Apparently, you can now any number of operators in a given circle with all that limited spectrum that they have.

    Last heard, a fertilizer company and a real estate developer have applied for telecom licenses – its total mess

  3. What an oxymoron, Telecom Authority, at times they seem to have no authority. This shows they can be pushed around.

    The Ruia’s got their “Bakra” with Vodaphone, thank you Arun Sarin for playing along. Now they can focus on BPL, welcome to the India.

  4. Another quality operator preparing to get their hands dirty service undoubtdly down in the dumps without realising the bad state of mobile operators spectrum in India

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