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  1. I signed up with Vovage phone company and got a new Internet account with Verizon. Niether the phone or DSL worked from that moment until now 4 months later. I have incurred overcharges from my cell phone because I had no landphone. I called both Vonage and Verizon for help without successful results. I would like to join a class action suit for unahppy customers of Vonage. They are also hoding my phone number hostage and I need that number as it is on all my business ccards.

  2. i also would like to join the class action. we were going to go with vonage, but the box would not hook up to our phone. they kept billing my account for the money, and everytime we called they said they could not find our account to cancel so we disputed the charges for 6 months then had to cancel the card they were billing it too. now they have sent us to collections. this company sucks bad. we have never used their service.

  3. Vontage is currently holding my business line hostage for 5 days. I am a business without a phone. Basically all my adverstising and clients have this one number. Business has dropped 80% in just a few short days. They will not release the number or even open it in vontage so I can then transfer it. I am screwed. I am a single mom without any support and I have lost thousands of dollars in one week only. I am going to sue. Any known suits open thus far?

  4. I would like to join a class action suite because they have continued billing me after my phone service was switched and won’t refund the $100 they owe me in over billing.

    Their party line is they continue charging until the customer calls to cancel service. Since customers don’t received a bill except 1 line on their credit card bill, they are ripping off existing customers frequently.

    I was also very disappointed that it took Cavtel approximately 3 months to get my incoming phone calls transferred from Vonage to them.

  5. Same here. Where’s the Consumer fraud lawsuit. I’d like to be a part of it too. I was looking for a better deal. called on the 28th day, but decided to look into a dry line for internet access like they suggested (dumb of my. Called them Monday AM (DAY 31), they were going to charge me $90+ for cancellation and keep the $26 I’s originally sent them. The ONLY way to save a little $$ was to allow them to take out $24/month for 3 months. I went for it.. I called to cancel on the day they told me to (2 months later) and it was a nightmare from then on… RIDICULOUS!!! Also, LOOOONNNNNGGGG Hold times and HANG UPS!! OH YEAH!! Great marketing ideas for sure. They’re a bunch of idiots!! I’m glad they got caught by someone. Traci

  6. I want to join a law suit against them as well. I fell for the $24.95 hook. I explained that i need this for a dedicated fax line. They assured me that they could handle it. After 5 hours on the phone with the tech department they told me that my fax line was to fast and i needed to switch back to my previous carrier. Simple enough until i tried to cancel my service. I keep getting billed and have asked twice to cancel my service. They have also explained to me that i will be charged another $97 as a disconect fee. I contacted my credit card company to dispute the charges. That compay sux. I want to sue them as well.

    Please post if you have had similar problems with them. My credit card company’s was “another unhappy Vonage customer”


  7. I am also being charged by Vonage for a cancelled line. I called in March to cancel. The number was ported. I was told I needed to call again to “actually” cancel and I did. They are saying they have “no record” of the second call and refuse to refund charges that occurred AFTER I CANCELLED AND AFTER MY NUMBER WAS PORTED. These people need to go DOWN and I want to be part of a class action suit to hopefully either put them out of business or change their executive staff to some people with business integrety. I can’t see how they sleep at night. It almost seems that they are just getting every dollar they can to run with when the company folds. I don’t know that, but it sure sounds like it.

  8. Our business signed up for Vonage last year. On day 29 I cancelled. We could not get service. They kept saying it was our internet provider. BUT after having several tech people come out it was discovered that the router that Vonage sent was dead. Vonage kept disagreeing. So we cancelled by phone which took many hours because they would hang up. They have people that speak in a STRONG foreign accent and would get mad when I told them that I could not understand them and that I want someone that can speak PLAIN ENGLISH. They disconnect call. Kept calling back and followed up with an email. Documentation is the key to any lawsuit. We also notified our credit card company and we were refunded our money and blocked them from charging again. We also called AT&T and they really helped us get back up and running with our same phone numbers. We never experienced Vonage keeping our numbers hostage. Document, Document and Document. We have been spreading the word about Vonage to everyone that will listen. We have also noticed in our area that the commercials have stopped. I hope everyone gets things worked out. Just remember document everything, just can not stress that enough.

  9. Vonage did the same thing to us that we have been reading on this website. They continue to charge your credit card or checking acct-even if you cannot use their service! They sent us 2 bad routers that never worked properly and did not want us to cancel service. Fortunately, we never cancelled our regular landline phone service. Vonage needs to be shut down and the atty general offices of every state need to help consumers out! The BBB of NJ has responded to our complaint, but we don’t know if they intend to help at this point. When you call their customer service line you get the Phillipines, and they are very difficult to understand. This is exactly what they want-for you to not know what the heck they are saying. Did anyone send their defective routers back to them? They said we are stuck paying the S&H of sending them back to them or we will not get any refunds. WHAT A BIG FAT RIP-OFF. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!LAWSUITS SOON TO COME…

  10. Follow up to my cancel woes…got charged AGAIN this month (June) after threatening hellfire and damnation the (third) time we called to cancel last month. (We started the painful cancel process in March.) Today, they said: “we could not close your account because you said you were going to complain about our not closing your account.” This company deserves to go under and I have warned their customer service reps that they need to get another job for an honest employer, because no company can stay in business by cheating their stockholders and their customers the way VONAGE does.

  11. When someone files a class action suit against Vonage representing ripped off customers, count me in.

    I signed up, transferred a #. All ok. Except, they’ve been billing me for two lines. I thought the 2nd line might be the temp line they gave me originally. Not so. It’s an entirely different # that I never asked for or authorized. Some agent just added it to my account. They canceled it when I asked them to (and waived the fee or so they said), but they refused to credit my account for the charges for that line to date.

    I don’t care what it costs me to cancel. This company engages in theft and they know it.

  12. folks, definatly count me in in any action against these criminal scum, I too am in a frustrating battle to cancel the service they never set me up with.

  13. I have just joined Vonage only 2 days ago and am already having troubles with them. When I ordered the system I spent 2 and 1/2 hours explaining what I wanted in very great detail and they said oh no problem. I told them I wanted 2 phone and they told me that was ok and there would be no extra charge for this. Now that I have all the equiptment I need to have another phone number for a second phone, at an additional charge. Is there a class action law suite against Vonage and is this information give me reason to join the law suite? If not please tell me what I can do with Vonage.
    Thank you
    Michael O Mayfield

  14. I am also looking to participate in any pending or future class action suits to force Vonage to cease and desist their extortionist and harassing behavior towards their customers when the customer attempts to close an account.
    18 months ago I opened an account for my elderly mother, with my credit card, and my email address on the account for billing. Two days ago, I tried to close the account (after my mother’s passing), and they will not let me close the account. Of course it was perfectly acceptable for me to open the account and transfer her existing number on my own, but I can’t close it. In sharp contrast to every other service vendor we were using for my mother, Vonage will only consider closing the account after a copy of her death certificate is provided. Preposterous.
    Frustrated with Vonage,
    – Russ Smariga

  15. i couldn’t believe this vonage scammer is still on business. everything everyone said here is true. they’re cheats.

  16. I am more than happy to join in this law suit aswell I am in state of florida and am tempted to call local news tv and paper but I also want this company stopped and made accountable for all the people that have been ripped off

  17. Same thing happened to me with the billing even though I had moved number to a new carrier. They charged me for 4 months but would only reverse 2 months of charges after being on the call for a total of 45 minutes. I took the money because I decided to not get myself crazy about this. I think this is an unfair business practice and I definately wouldn’t be surprised if they had a class action lawsuit regarding these practices.

  18. Vonage scammed me also for $180. I have filed complaints with the FCC who say they have no authority over Vonage, The Attorney General of Mass. who says that their mediation process is dependent upon Vonage agreeing to it, the Better Business Bureau which also had no luck. How can Vonage get away for billing for services and disconnection fees when their system doesn’t work????

  19. They ripped me off I have been charged by two phone companies for the same number Vonage will not take no as a answer

  20. I am a office manager and was intrested in using Vonage in our office. I ordered with the agreement that there was a 30 day money back guarantee. It did not work with our phone system. I returned the equipment and called and canceled in less that two weeks. Five months later they were still charging us. I called two more times to cancel. They told me We would be charged a cancelation fee and still refused to refund or stop charging our account. I had to turn them over to fraud and change our account number. Not to mention the frustration of trying to communicate with these people to cancel three different times. We want to be involved in stoping this compay from scamming the cunsomer.

  21. Hello! Wished to voice my horrendous experience with Vonage. I am the executive director of a small land conservation non-profit in northern NYS. We are always strapped for funding to make ends meet. I thought Vonage was a good deal.
    We have satellite internet service. It is just not compatible with the Vonage system. I tried to get out by the two month grace period, but they would offer an even better deal provided if i just gave them a chance.
    Well after months of haggling with one representative after another, and offering to return their equipment, i had to call it quits. Then they began billing our corporate account for services which they had never provided. This made me very angry. Sure i will pay if i’ve received a service, but jeepers don’t charge my account if you haven’t provided anything.
    Now they have sent our account to a collection service for withdrawing early from their “service”‘ which they knowingly could not provide and for the equipment which i had offered to return and which they did not want.
    I am not paying for a service i did not receive.

  22. We also thought vonage was a good deal
    The first two bills where right on the money.
    Thext 8 bills were $25.00 more for what they say are directory assistance calls.
    We never made and directory assistance calls or overseas calls and here charged in extra $25.00 per month.. We plan to sue but would like to be included in your class action lawsuit.,..
    We also neeeded a tech to come out for which they charged us $99.00 which you would not hink was that bad to wire the router up. However the wiring was done wrong and when we reconnected to our old phone service the lines were crossed.. The computer used to go down 4 or 5 times a day and know it is back to normal.. They charged a $39.99 disconnect fee per line when we pullled out early but we are cancellig all payments with them with our credit card company and going to sue in small claims court and when they dont show up we will get the judgedment and put a lien on the company.

    We will get our money one way or the other…

    We wish we knew about this site before we signed up last year.

  23. What a nightmare to cancel this service – I have been billed for the last 3 months and they wont stp. Finally today Beth says that these are valid charges. A class actionwould be good. I’m in if oit happens.

  24. i was sent the product without all the parts to hook up sent it back the next day never had their service canceled and they are still taking money from my account they say i cant cancel service i never had because i didnt give them my right favorite food and e mail ive been on the phone for hours and hours these people are crooks and get away with it thats the way it is if you cant afford a lawyer the law dont work for us we will never see our money theyll go belly up and skip town

  25. I am being harrased by vonage it does not work I am not using the service and they are a pain cant discontinue and was harrasied by a canadian source

  26. Sign me up for any class action suit…same ridiculous stories here…had a horrible time cancelling, they continued to charge us for months, they would not release our number back to ATT. To this day, month later, a customer using vonage can not call our phone number. They might be the worst, most pathetic, deplorable company I have ever seen.

  27. I have also have had many problems with vonage, how can this company lie and say there service is clear as a hard line. What a joke! I hope they get what they have coming Sued

  28. I am having an issue with the phone service company named Vonage who miss-represented their services and position in the marketplace. I am asking the FCC to get involved due to false advertising and cause undo stress to their customers.

    Should you do a “Google” search of Vonage complaints you will find multiple people who have bad experiences similar to my bad experiences. I strongly suggest they are required to stop their false advertising especially their claim of being number one in their market.

    The only number one they can claim is being the worst in their market not the best. The fact they have class action suits should be enough evidence this company was not prepared to service their market.

    They are attempting to collect $92.98 from me for an early disconnection charge. Due to the fact I talked to their lack of customer service department on 3 to 4 occasions with no changes of the issues including dropped calls, poor sound quality, and other issues I cancelled based upon frustration.

    The more important issue is the fact I make at least 10 attempts to file my complaints but was put on hold so long I had to get off the phone. I would actually put them on speakerphone so I could do other things while being stuck on hold.

    I am not writing for just myself but all the people who have been lied to about their services and to have the FCC have them advertise according to their lowly position in their marketplace and not robbing people of their hard earned money. I beg you to attempt to call their customer service number different times of the day and experience the problems their poor customer face every day.
    This is a letter I faxed to the fcc

  29. Sour Grapes – They are in the top of the class in phone services. I have been with them for years and nothing has gone wrong withthe service. I had a problem for a very short time with my cable but that was not Vonage’s doing.

    CRY CRY of the spoiled person out there that want everything for nothing and cries when they know not how to use the technology. Cry Cry Cry.


  30. Reply to Johns comment, Im glad vonage worked for you, but was truely a nitemare for us. They maybe number 1 to you but all you need to do is look at all the other comments about the bad service they have. I have high speed internet and there was no problems with my internet service.
    My cable provider offers phone service threw the internet and IM VERY PLEASED WITH there service no problems at all. I believe vonage may grew to fast and could not handle all the problems that they were having. As I said we are very happy with the service we have now with charter.

  31. i would also like to be part of the class action lawsuit if there is one. Could someone contact me at taruc_91744@yahoo.com. I have several complaints about Vonage and am willing to go to court and all that is needed. Vonage needs to be held accountable for all their faulty service and sneaky tactics. If anyone has a contact number or email for this could you please send it to me or post it here. Thank you

  32. I took Vonage service in August 2007. The CSR told there is no contract and it is month-month. He said I need to return the router to avoid some penalty, which I understood. Due to the poor service, I need to move the Comcast with number ported on to it. Comcast said they will handle the request of cancelling but unfortunately my Vonage account is still active. I called Vonage to cancel, they are charging $96.38 towards cancellation and rebate charges, which is rediculous which was not told at the time of sign-up. Had I was informed about this, I wouldn’t have opted for Vonage. I have sent my complaint to the NJ State attorney general. Guys, any ideas how we all can deal this fraud company and get our money back. Thanks in advance.

  33. I tried to call to Vonage Customer Service for the first time how to join with their new lower promotion of $24.99 per month with unlimited calls, but I just found out to get their overcharge biling letter. I did call them to agree their lower promotion of $24.99 agreement, but they ignored my request to don’t suppose to pay their overcharge of $32.00 instead of $24.99 per month. They still harrassed to bill me more and more overcharge so I decided to stop their service again. I never trust them anymore.

  34. My husband and I signed of for VONAGE in August 2007 on a free month promotion. We decided we did not like it since we kept getting disconnected from calls made long distance and our line was never clear of crackling etc. We tried the troublshooting to no avail. My husband called two days before the free month was to be done and we were told that we could not cancel due to not calling early enough. We kept the shotty service and worked with tech support which still didnt help. In December our cable company FINALLY got phone service and so we decided to cancel and go to them. When my husband called to cancel he was given the run around and basically told we could not cancel it. He was given 2 free months and then if we still wanted to cancel we could and we could send back the device so we would only pay 34.99. We waited a month and a half, called to cancel and were told that the device could not be sent back after 90 days of service and that we owed 94.00 cancelation fee for the device cost and 49.99 for cancelation since we did not call back early enough to get the 34.00 discounted fee. (some discount). At any rate, we were again told that if we didnt have the money in our account immediately, that we could not cancel. This happened 2 more times we tried to cancel. Meanwhile they were taking money from our account and we had a phone service we NEVER used.

    I am at least happy to say the service is finally cancelled after nearly a year of problems and 5-6 months of trying to cancel it. However, now we are going through a dispute with costs being charged to our account which resulted in another bill not being paid on time. The latest is that the person i spoke with that cancelled our account said we could still dispute the problems we had even if the account was closed, however now at this very moment im being told that because the account is closed it cant be disputed. I am on hold waiting to see what is going on. VONAGE is a rip off and should be put under. This 2yr agreement was NEVER shown or discussed when my husband signed up, he was told it was month to month. As far as I saw the terms of agreement he read and clicked on said NOTHING about any agreement. We would never sign ourselves away on such an agreement with a service we do not know. Our next plan is to change bank accounts and close this one so they can not take money out anymore. They falsely advertise a 24.99 cost when we never paid less than 32.15 a month. Everytime we called we learned something we didn’t know upon sign up. If there is a lawsuit against them, I want in.

  35. I am so unhappy. I switched from Bellsouth to Vonage on 02-18-09. My alarm system wouldn’t work in my home and come to find out its not compatible. I did so much research and I cancelled my service today. When I originally started I spoke to a rep and he SPECIFICALLY told me that there was no contract and I could cancel anytime. He also said that there would be no termination fee and I asked him about the bill and he said that they would email me a bill. The next month they drafted the $ out of my account and I never signed an authorization! I was upset to say the least. Then when I cancelled they told me that I need to pay for the vonage adapter and all these fees to cancel and then they ran my card for $118.00. I never authorized them to draft my account and that account rep lied to me. They went to draft my account on 05-21-09 for $118.00 and I didn’t authorize that!

    I called them highly upset and told them that I want a copy of the phone recording when I originally called on 02-18-09 and now they are refusing to give it to me. They are giving me the runaround and I need a resolution. Why are they refusing to give me the recorded phone call? I have contacted 2 attorneys who are handling the class action law suit against the company, the FCC, BBB. Consumer affairs and many websites. They have to be exposed for being scammers and they are liars.

  36. I too fell for their fraudulent sales gimmick. I signed up at a rate of $9.95 and free service for the first month…It took a month for the service to actually begin. mean while I was still connected to Insight [thank God] the Vonage phone would not receive incoming calls, I have 3 phone connections in my home, the other 2 worked fine. after the Vonage service began working my other 2 phones did not work AT ALL. Sop much for a free moth of service now they want to charge me$ 24.95. I have not attempted to have the service disconnected yet. Tomorrow the Insight service rep is coming out to restore the service with Insight, then i am going to try to call Vonage and tell them I no longer need their services. I expect to have the same problems as everyone else. the $170.00 disconnect. From what I’ve seen and heard this company should be shut down. The people they have working for them do NOT speak English well enough to sell bubble gum. I have had the worst time trying to talk to them on the phone.
    I would like to be added into the Class Action Suit.

  37. AT&T is the worst — double billing – I have statements/audits from them that contradict their billing sent out to me. Is there any class actions actively being pursued against them at this time ? Also – are there any law firms that would strike out against them on this – I’m from California – and have others with similar issues .. major problems $$$$’s being over billed – service was cut off – then turned back on by them without authorization – I’m still being billed !!!! Help – what’s with FCC not stepping in on this – they state their hands are tied .. ??

  38. I would like to join the class action lawsuite against Vontage. I had used vontage for three years, and decided to disconnect service, becouse of poor service. I tried to disconnect on line, by phone and finally switched credit cards to stop the billing, a month after discontinuing use of their device. I later found that you had to call a special number to end service. I called, was put on long holds and finally had to hear a sales pitch, which I declined. They calimed that I owed them $293.25 for back charges, which I refuesed to pay. I received a leter from Penn Credit on 3/06/10 stating that I had 30 days to protest the billing. The letter was dated 2/9/2010. A valid contract is required to have an end date. These fokes need some jail time.
    Tom H.

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