6 thoughts on “ClearWire in HotWater?”

  1. We know Madison River was a hapless swallow and it is clear that FCC can not blow cold wind onto ClearWire. But what about that cable company in the midwest? Since FCC had earlier claimed (the Supreme court will decide soon whether it erred) that cable modem is an information service, the unnamed cable company may have all the insulation that it needs.

  2. Maybe I’m missing something here, but as long as ClearWire informs its customers of what it is blocking, why should it NOT be allowed to block whatever it wants?

    The market will decide if customers will accept their service.

  3. Irwin you are right about this. i think this is a case where an ISP has to decide how it wants to do business in the future. clearly the upload speeds of clear wire network are in the 128 kbps region and not good for voip per say since a chunk of the upstream bandwidth is being used for other purposes. they clearly have a reason to be worried for now. and then there is their whole partnership with bell canada and selling its voip service.

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